1.2.12 -Improvements have been made to MB server operations. 13.09.2021
1.2.10 -Zed-NET network connection problems fixed 03.06.2021
1.1.99 -Credit loading problem with Zed-NET fixed. 05.05.2021
1.1.98 –Zed-NET connection problems are fixed. 22.03.2021
1.1.97 -General Update 21.01.2021
1.1.96 -General Update 21.12.2020
1.1.95 -General Update 16.11.2020
1.1.94 4D server problem is fixed. 23.10.2020
1.1.93 MB IR-PROG lost key programming application is updated. 21.10.2020
1.1.92 -Zed-NET Network connecting problem is fixed. 14.10.2020
1.1.91 -Zed-NET connection problems are fixed. 21.09.2020
1.1.89 -General Update 02.09.2020
1.1.86 -General Update 08.06.2020
1.1.85 -General Update 03.04.2020
1.1.83 -Zed-FULL screen frezee problem is fixed.
-Zed-NET connection bugs are fixed
1.1.82 -General Update. 05.09.2018
1.1.81 -General Update. 20.06.2018
1.1.80 -General Update. 09.04.2018
1.1.79 -General Update. 12.03.2018
1.1.78 -General Update. 20.02.2018
1.1.77 -General Update. 26.12.2017
1.1.75 -BUICK 13500218(2BTN) (REM-UNL55)-BUICK 13500219 (2BTN) (REM-UNL56)
1.1.74 -General Update. 14.11.2017
1.1.72 -General Update. 16.08.2017
1.1.70 – Renault Megane1-Scenic1 pin code calculation from working key added to Zed-NET
– New remote unlocking packs for Audi, Nissan, Porsche, Renault added
1.1.69 -General Update. 31.03.2017
1.1.68 -General Update. 20.03.2017
1.1.67 -Arabic Language is added. 27.02.2017
1.1.65 -General Update. 12.01.2017
1.1.64 -General Update. 11.01.2017
1.1.63 -Group LIFS packages is updated 12.12.2016
1.1.62 -General Update. 21.11.2016
1.1.61 -General Update. 02.11.2016
1.1.59 -General Update. 22.09.2016
1.1.57 -Group LIFS function is added 06.09.2016
1.1.56 -General Update. 29.08.2016
1.1.55 -General Update. 23.08.2016
1.1.54 -General Update. 23.08.2016
1.1.51 – Toyota/Lexus/Subaru Prox. remote unlocking added under “Recycling” menu Note: To use that feature
Transponder and Eeprom boards must be updated too, and this feature requires PCF79XX Recycling Adapter.
1.1.50 -Zed-NET connection Network problem is fixed -Suzuki-Maruti 4 Digits Pincode calculator bug is fixed. 12.07.2016
1.1.49 -“LAND ROVER” and “VOLVO” is added under “PCF79XX Remote Unlock” of Recycling menu.
To use this function should update Eeprom Board to lastest version.
1.1.48 -Under Recycling “PCF79XX Remote Unlock” menu is added.
1.1.47 -General Update. 10.05.2016
1.1.45 -General Update Note: To use VAG UDS pincode application, you need to update your mainboard to this version. 14.04.2016
1.1.43 -New OBD Command for Hyundai Proximity Keys added -General upgrade.
-Note: To use new Hyundai proximity key programming function have to update mainboard.
1.1.42 -PSA pincode keyboard deleting problem is fixed. 28.01.2016
1.1.41 -Automatic LIFS deactive problem is fixed. -Mainboard Languages are updated. -Credit load application is added on Zed-NET. 22.01.2016
1.1.39 -Zed-FULL keypad is activated -Suzuki-Maruti ID code to 4 digit pin code calculation is added under pin code menu
-Z46-02 unlock function is added under Recycling menu -Mainboard update is mandatory for mahindra OBD applications
1.1.36 -Adding daily LIFS via Zed-NET is added. -Password screen as the first screen is added. 05.11.2015
1.1.35 -Eeprom reading bugs are fixed. -ZedNET internet connection problem on Apple cellphones is fixed. 14.09.2015
1.1.34 – Bluetooth menu on device removed. – Sound features improved
– Viewing required pack names on screen for each OBD application added.
1.1.33 -Mercedes IR-PROG added on MainMenu -ALL region added in Region under Settings. 06.08.2015
1.1.32 Zed-NET functions added – Activation, Synchronisation, 4D Cloning functions IC Prog icon moved under Special Functions
SD Card functions improved.
1.1.30 – Explanations of some error codes added. – Settings related with volume, brightness updated
– FPGA module applications removed from all menus. – Device does not need credit re-loading during LIFS term anymore.
– Preserved credits during LIFS term are shown in “Version” icon. – SD card functions updated.
1.1.28 -General Update. 04.02.2015
1.1.27 -General Update. 14.01.2015
1.1.24 PCF7941 (Chrysler Dodge Jeep) Application Updated. 05.06.2014
1.1.23 BMW China: To unlock used BMW CAS-Smart remotes which are produced in China.
No need any wire connection, unlock process may be completed on Zed-FULL transponder antenna.
Chrysler Unlock-PCF7941: To unlock used original Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep remotes(with PCF7941).
Need to solder 5 wires onto 5 different points on the remote PCB Board.
1.1.22 -Main menu placement is arranged. -Language options are renewed. 17.03.2014
1.1.19 – Getting Nissan pin code from glovebox label added. – 46 transponder cloning without need of internet using IEA TPX4 Cloner module added.
C01 cable is required. – Icon locations on Main menu has been changed.
1.1.16 -Credits log file for OBD applications individually -New languages for settings, recycling and pin code menus:
*Espanol *Portugues *Italiano *Polski *Deutsch *Fran├žais *Cz-Slovak *Roman
1.1.14 It was fixed main manu absurd letters after main board version 1.1.13 updated. 15.07.2013
1.1.13 *Pin Code menu updated. -Pin Kodu>Offline>From_Key>Renault33 pin code calculations added.
-Pin Kodu>Offline>From_Key>Peugeot45 pin code calculations added. *Recycle menu updated. -Megamos 48
-Unlockable Canbus -Honda 46 -Suzuki 46 Unlock fonctions added. *On Recycle menu, Refreshing Remote menu added;
*Opel PCF 7946; -315 MHz 2 Button, -315 MHz 3 Button, -433 MHz 2 Button, -433 MHz 3 Button,
*Renault PCF 7946; -Renault 1 Button, -Renault 2 Button-A, -Renault 2 Button-B, -Renault 3 Button,
*Renault PCF 7947 -Modus3 Clio3 Kango3, -Laguna2, -Megane2, *Nissan PCF 7946 -Nissan 4 Button,
*Saab PCF 7946; -Saab 4 Button Refrsshing Remote functions added. *Double arrow lists added for jumping 5 element on lists.
(make EEPROM easy to pass on lists) *New small fonts added on main menu and other menus.
*Italiano and Espanol language added on main manu letters. *LCD brightness and sound level troubles fixed.
1.1.12 – Viewing versions on the top added – Viewing SD Card version in Settings menu added
– Nissan 2009+ Pin Code Calculation from BSM added – Log file saving for Main board added – Saving Module error logs added
– Synchronization and activation tick on the screen – File functions for modules.