x.1.97– This update includes improvements for the texas transponder family.08.06.2022
x.1.95– For Megamos 48 transponders with ID checksum error, ID correction feature has been added with the repair button on the reading screen.
SD card version should be 0.3.58 and above for current usage.
x.1.94– Improvements were made in Megamos AES , Megamos 48 and Megamos 8E transponder readings.04.10.2021
x.1.93– Twingo 2 has been added to 7947 Refreshing remote and Transponder reading operations.03.08.2021
x.1.92– General Update09.06.2021
x.1.91-Hitag Pro transponder reading has been improved. Hitag Pro JLR, IEA Production ID writable transponder was added.04.06.2021
x.1.90– Improvements have been made transponder reading.19.04.2021
x.1.89– Improvements have been made in recycling,refleshing remote and transponder reading.22.03.2021
x.1.88– MQB key reading and definition improvements have been made.20.01.2021
x.1.86– Keyless Go, Flip and Smart key reading information has been added to Megamos AES reading and definition.
– Part Number information has been added to the key reading and definition of Opel branded vehicles.
x.1.85– CSK Writing to “Megamos AES (MQB)” Key has been developed.
– The error when writing to “LKP-04” in “OBD Toyota H” application has been fixed.
x.1.84– Toyota G transponder cloning onto LKP-02 transponder added.
– LKP-02 transponder was added to Toyota G key production process.
– LKP-04 transponder was added to Toyota H key production process.
– LKP-02 has been added to the Kia / Hyundai DST 80 key cloning process.
– Fixed blank DST80 transponder reading like Kia / Hyundai key.
– LKP-02 reading information was added to DST 80 reading and definition.
– TS48 reading information was added to Megamos 48 reading and definition.
– “48 ID Checksum Correction” has been added to the Other Application menu.
– Megamos 48 ID Checksum error message has been added to the information that it can be corrected in “Other Application” menu.
x.1.83– Toyota G transponder cloning onto CN5 transponder added.(Offline- stand alone)
-Toyota H transponder cloning onto LKP-04 added.(Offline- stand alone)
-Pin code calculation from Kia/Hyundai DST80 bit key added.(Offline, just by reading transponder)
-Kia / Hyundai DST80 transponder cloning onto CN5 added.(Offline- stand alone)
-DST 40/80 bit Toyota prox key reading improved (TMS37126)
-DST AES transponder reading improved (8A)
-DST AES Toyota prox key reading improved (TMS37200, RF430)
-DST-AES Toyota H transponder reading improved.
-DST-AES detailed reading improved.
-LKP-04 transponder reading added.
x.1.82– Toyota G – DST 80(145) & CN5 transponder production added.
– Toyota H – DST 128(WS21) transponder production added.
– Toyota G and Toyota H reading chip information explanations was developed.
– CN5 reading chip information explanations was developed.
– TS48 cloning process was developed.
– Megamos 48 Cloning process messages was developed.
x.1.81– Hitag Aes , Hitag 3 ve Hitag 2 reading chip information explanations was developed. 26.02.2020
x.1.80– 8E reading chip information explanations was developed. 15.01.2020
x.1.79-Hitag Aes chip reading information explanations was developed.29.11.2019
x.1.78-Reading chip information explanations was developed.28.11.2019
x.1.77-Reading chip information explanations was developed.26.11.2019
x.1.76-Reading chip information explanations was developed.18.09.2019
x.1.75-Reading chip information explanations was developed.18.09.2019
x.1.74-4D transponder readings was improved . 16.09.2019
x.1.73– Reading chip information explanations was developed. (DST AES / Hitag AES)
– In Transponder read menu, re-read button feature has been added.
– Added sequential copying of Mifare card and tag copy applications.
x.1.72– Megamos AES key reading has been improved.
– Updated version information for IEA emulator and sniffer products.
x.1.71– Reading chip information explanations was developed
– In Transponder read menu, re-read button feature has been added.
– In the transponder generation menu was added as PCF 7953P Hitag pro toyota and mazda option.
x.1.70– Reading chip information explanations was developed
– In Transponder read menu, re-read button feature has been added.
– In the transponder generation menu was added as PCF 7953P Hitag pro toyota and mazda option.
x.1.69– General update.18.01.2019
x.1.68– Log operations extended.17.01.2019
x.1.67– General update.25.12.2018
x.1.66– Mifare classic 1K copy has been improved. – The reading has been improved for PCF and NCF serial transponders.
x.1.65– KALE Mifare card copying was improved.
x.1.64– Megamos Aes reading was improved.
x.1.63– Megamos Aes reading was improved.
x.1.62– Megomos Aes description added. – PSA->ASK and PSA->FSK added to Other Applications menu.16.04.2018
x.1.61– ZFH-UTE(Universal Transponder Emulator) menu is added. – “PK3+” production is added in Transponder Production -> 48.
– Hitag-Pro reading is improved. – Hitag-Aes reading is improved. Note: Update SD card for ZFH-UTE images.
x.1.60– Hitag Pro BMW reading is improved. – Hitag Pro Porsche reading is improved. – 4D reading is improved.20.12.2017
x.1.59– Fixed Astra-K mode error – Improved Password->Cipher and Cipher->Password on Other Aplication Menu07.12.2017
x.1.58– General update.05.12.2017
x.1.57– VIN, Km, Key No and Frekans information is added for BMW F Class.
– “Subaru 80 Bit” production is added in Transponder Production -> Texas. – “Blank” information is added in Dst Aes reading.
– 48 cloning improved. – Philips reading is improved.
x.1.56– Mifare reading is improved. – Hitag reading is improved. – Lancer -> Lancer ASX-Mirage changed in 7936 production menu.16.10.2017
x.1.55– Added MD46 transponder option for 46 type key copy. Note: Update SD card for MD46 picture.09.06.2017
x.1.54– Megamos 48 reading is improved. – Hitag3 reading is improved.02.06.2017
x.1.53– Locked/Unlocked information added to Hitag-Pro and Hitag-Aes description. – Challenge-Response information added to Dst-Aes description.
– Ignition test added to Other Applications menu. – 8C reading and description are improved. – Megamos 48 reading and description are improved.
– Hitag2 description is improved.
x.1.52– General update.25.04.2017
x.1.51– Reading of Magic I is improved. – General update.24.04.2017
x.1.50– General update.01.03.2017
x.1.49– Added ZFH46-Sniffer for 46 copy. – Added locked-unlocked informatin for Hitag3 identification. – Hitag3 chip information is updated.
– Hitag Pro chip information is updated. Note: Update SD card for ZFH46-Sniffer pictures.
x.1.48– General Update.19.01.2017
x.1.47– Added Megamos 48 Can-Bus production for Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda and Seat in Transponder Production Menu.
– Hitag2, Hitag3 amd HitagPro recognation are improved. – General Update.
x.1.46– The Philips copy menu error has been fixed. – General Update.29.12.2016
x.1.45-General Update.16.11.2016
x.1.44– Transponder recognation is improved. – Transponder menus is updated.31.10.2016
x.1.43– 48 cloning is updated.12.10.2016
x.1.41– Added 48 copy with Zed-NET, ZFH48-SNIFFER and Precoded Z48 for some car using 48 transponder.
– Improved 48 Unlock. – Transponder production updated.
x.1.40– Improved Dst Aes and Texas 4D recognition.21.07.2016
x.1.39– Added Holden Commodore, Mitsubishi Can and Mitsubishi Non-Can in the PCF7936 production menu.
– 48 Unlock is improved. – Updated log operation.
x.1.38– Added Z46-01 copy with ZedNET module option for 46 type key copy(ZedNET is a wireless module that you can plug in
onto Zed-FULL to connect internet and copy without pc software). – Added Z46-01 for Honda-Suzuki-Mahindra-Tata quick copy menu.
x.1.37– Updated transponder production menu.04.04.2016
x.1.36– Suzuki key reading is improved and added Z46-01 to suzuki copy menu. – Added Z46-01_GM chip.
– Updated transponder production menu. – Updated log creating.
x.1.35-Transponder writing error of eeprom application for BMW is fixed.15.01.2016
x.1.34-Added Hitag2 transponder copy option onto Z46-01 -Improved read-recognition -Fixed some bugs.08.12.2015
x.1.33-Updated Texas producton menu -Improved Hitag AES recognition info -Added required pack names on screen for each application.07.09.2015
x.1.32Updated 8C recogniton info.03.08.2015
x.1.31-Fixed some bugs for 8C Copy.08.07.2015
x.1.30-Added TPH Cloner picture to the tpx3/4 copy menu -Added DST 40 -> DST 80 and DST 80 -> DST 40 mode change option for Texas 80 Bit
transponder into Other Applications Menu -Added 8C copy option onto blank TK5561 -Added PCF7937 recognition.
x.1.29-Added ZedNET module option for Texas 4D copy(ZedNET is a wireless module that you can plug in onto Zed-FULL to connect internet
and copy without pc software) -Added Megane2 (PCF7943) KeylessGo recognition -Added KeylessGo recognition for Astraj,insignia, cruze ve aveo.
x.1.28-Improved Astraj,insignia, cruze ve aveo recognition -Fixed Full transponder access because of Texas 4D last byte reading
-Improved 8E reading -Added HITAG3 ID reading and recognition -Improved Hitag Aes recognition
-Added Fast copy option for TATA (indica-indigo-manza-vista) onto TS46 -Added 4D->4E and 4E->4D conversion options for TPX2 and EH2 into
Other Applications Menu.
x.1.27Improved Texas 67 Daihatsu fast copy option Added Texas 67 Daihatsu transponder production.02.02.2015
x.1.26-Fixed Some Bugs Texas 4D Fast Copy Option -Fixed 45 Peugeot Transponder Reading .21.01.2015
x.1.25-Fixed bugs 64 Subaru Production option -Added DST 4E option for 64 Subaru production
-Added Full Transponder Access Menu (for DSTAES,DST+,DST80 and Hitag2) -Fixed 41 Nissan copy bugs.
x.1.24-Fixed blank tag recognition -Added Toyota-G transponder master/slave info
-Improved 8E recognition -Improved 4D 80 bit reading and recognition info
-Fixed new type TPX2 reading/writing -Improved 7953 recognition.
x.1.23-Improved DST-128(TOYOTA-H) Reading -Added PCF7945 Audi Key ID/KM Reading and Recognition
-Added PCF7953 Transponder Reading and Recognition.
x.1.22Added New Type Commodore Clonning and Production.09.10.2014
x.1.21-Fixed Some Bugs Texas 80 Bit Transponder Reading and Writing -Added 4C Copy Onto CN1
-Added CN1 Option on 4C Production MenĂ¼ Via Eprom Data -Added 4C TIRIS Data Info on Transponder Reading MenĂ¼
-Added Another Type for Honda Fast Copy Onto TS46.
x.1.20-Improved Texas 4D 80 Bit Reading -Improved Daf Truck Copy BETA Application -Fixed Megamos 48 Canbus Production.27.08.2014
x.1.19-Fixed Texas 67-68-69-70 Production.05.08.2014
x.1.18-Fixed Texas Production Key List Info. Replaced “63 Ford -> 60 Hyn-Kia” to “63 Ford -> 60 Hyn-Kia (80bit)”.21.07.2014
x.1.17-Added Texas DST-128(TOYOTA-H) Recognition And ID Reading -Added “63 Ford 80 bit -> 60 Hyn-Kia 80 bit” Option On Texas Production Menu
-Added Warning Message On 63 Ford Production Menu -Added New 44 ID Recognition And Copy -Fixed Some Problems On Texas Fast Copy
-Added DAF Truck Copy Onto TS48 (Beta Version) -Added Volkswagen-Audi-Skoda-Seat CanBus Production Onto TS48
-Improved Mifare Card Recognition.
x.1.16Added Mitsubishi-Triton UTE and Dodge Nitro option on transponder production menu Added VIN, Key No, Km and Mechanic info
reading from PCF7942/44/45 Added VIN and Km info reading from PCF7947 Improved PCF7942/44 Recognition Improved 48 Copy Option Cloning
of second generation “Kale” mifare card onto rewritable cards or tags “Kale” card production using blank mifare cards Improved Card Recognition.
x.1.15Added clone option onto Kale card.06.03.2014
x.1.14-Fixed Mifare Recognition Info.06.03.2014
x.1.13Fixed emulator writing process.13.02.2014
x.1.12-Fixed: 44 Vag Transponder Production. -Added: Identifying for MIFARE_DESFIRE, MIFARE_PLUS, MIFARE_CLASSIC_1K,
MIFARE_CLASSIC_4K MIFARE_ULTRALIGHT cards are added and ID reading is improved -Added: KALE X5 Access Control System (13.56 Mhz) Card
Cloning onto Blank MIFARE 1K Card added.
x.1.11-Added TPH Cloner Standalone 46 Copy Onto TPX3/4 and CN3 -Added 8E Recognition and Reading ID
-Added Page 1 Selection Option On Texas 67-68-69-70 Transponder Production Menu -Added Writing Onto ZedBull’s
precoded 41-44-45 Transponder Option -Added “4D Test/Reset” Option in Other Application Menu -Added “BMW Remote Charge”
Option in Other Application Menu -Fixed Emulator Reading.(Added Version and Update info) -Added 4D Aston Martin Fast Copy
-Fixed Suzuki 46 Fast Copy
x.1.10-Added R/W Fuctions for BMW Cas applicaiton of Eeprom module.28.10.2013
x.1.9Added 48 Magic-II Transponder Copy Onto TS48 For; Chevrolet: Aveo-Kalos-Spark-Tacuma
Daewoo: Matiz-Lacetti-Nubira-Lanos-Leganza Kia: Clarus-Shuma-Pride-Carnival-Sportage.
x.1.8– Added RFID Tag Copy – Fixed TS 46 Biphase Copy Bug – Fixed Writing BMW 33 Rolling Key – Updated Emulator Reading Information.16.09.2013
x.1.7– 11, 12, 13, 14 cloning onto TK551 is added. – Renault Clio4, New Symbol & Dacia Dokker remote key reading added. 27.06.2013
x.1.6– Cloning features improved – 8C precoded transponder identifying improved – Astra-J, Insignia transponder reading corrected
– New pictures added to Transponder Production Menu -SD Card Update is required – Mercedes E-C-G Class Master Key Transponder Production added
– 11, 12, 13, 4C, 33 Transponder data creating with known eeprom data added – Writing 11,12,13,33,73 transponder through PC Software added
– Transponder Test function improved – 46 Transponder mode change added – from password to cipher and cipher to password mode
– Astra-J, Insignia, Cruze, Aveo 46 transpodner identifying added – Fast 46 Copy function for Suzuki added.
x.1.4– 46 Cloning onto TK60 Head added – Ford, Mazda, Proton 8C cloning added – 46 cloning onto TS46 improved.05.03.2013