Zed-FULL plus

Zed-FULL plus- Immobiliser Solutions by IEA
Zed-FULL plus is designed to meet all your needs related with electronic side of locksmithing and Immobiliser systems. Zed-FULL plus has 5 different antennas for

  • 125 Khz-134,2 Khz transponder reading – cloning - generating,
  • Reading 13,56 Mhz hotel door cards& tags,
  • Reading and cloning Holden Commodore remote keys
  • Programming keys for VAG Group cars.
  • Regular updates will keep you at the top and one step ahead from all of your competitors.

    Zed-FULL plus Main Features;

    • Transponder reading(125 Khz, 134,2 Khz, 13,56 Mhz),
    • Transponder, tag cloning (onto blank transponders, no need precoded & special transponders),
    • Ability to write on almost all of writable transponders (EH1, EH2, TPX1, TPX2, TPX4, Z46-01, MD46, TS48, TK60, CN1, CN2 etc. and all OEM transponders),
    • Transponder production, generation or converting applications,
    • Eeprom applications (currently 264 different eeprom applications which covers thousands of car models)
    • MCU, eeprom reading features for eeprom application (using various type of Zed-FULL plus MCU-eeprom reader adapters without using computer)
    • OBD2 pin code extracting and transponder pre-coding applications,
    • OBD2 Key-Remote-Proximity-Card programming and erasing applications,
    • Truck OBD2 key programming applications,
    • Mercedes IR Key programming, 1998-2015 all FBS3 system installed vehicles.
    • Remote frequency test and identifying applications,
    • OEM Remote key unlocking applications (LIFS does not include these applications, need to purchase each single pack)
    • Transponder unlocking applications,
    • Motorbike key programming applications via socket or as an eeprom application,
    • ECU virginising applications (Fiat),
    • Pin code calculation applications from labels, VIN numbers.

    1- Cloning transponders (key to key) - Fix codes;

    • 11 -onto T5(Sokymat), TK5551(Temic),
    • 12 -onto T5(Sokymat), TK5551(Temic),
    • 13 -onto T5(Sokymat), TK5551(Temic),
    • 14 -onto T5(Sokymat), TK5551(Temic),
    • 33 -onto T5(Sokymat), PCF7930(Philips), PCF7931(Philips),
    • 73 -onto T5(Sokymat), PCF7930(Philips), PCF7931(Philips),PCF7935(Philips)
    • 4C -onto EH1(Silca Electronic Head), EH2(Silca Electronic Head), TK23(Keyline Electronic Head), TK24(Keyline Electronic Head),
      Z4C(IEA glass transponder), TPX1(JMA glass transponder), CN2(China carbon transponder)

    - Philips crypto(PCF7935 based);

    • Some 40 onto T5(Sokymat), PCF7930-PCF7931-PCF7935(Philips),
    • 41 onto PCF7935(Philips)
    • 42 onto PCF7935(Philips)
    • 44(Unlock VAG) onto PCF7935(Philips)
    • 45 onto PCF7935(Philips)

    -Philips crypto Hitag2

    • 46-Hitag2 onto TPX3-TPX4(JMA Glass Transponder), TK60(Keyline Electronic Head), MD-46(iEA carbon transponder), internet connection is required for 46-Hitag2 cloning applications.

    -Temic Crypto

    • 8C -onto blank TK5561A carbon transponder,

    -Megamos Crypto

    • Megamos48(Unlock)- onto precoded Z48 glass transponders

    -Texas Crypto DST 4D(40 Bits)

    • 60, 61, 62, 63, 65, 67, 68, 69, 70 -onto EH2(Silca Electronic Head), TPX2 (JMA Glass Transponder), CN2(Chinese Carbon Transponder)
    • 64 -onto EH2(Silca Electronic Head), TPX2(JMA Glass Transponder)

    2- Remote Cloning One of the most important advantages of Zed FULL is cloning Fiat remotes with 48 transponders onto IEA made special emulator remotes(emulator1 and emulator2). Moreover we have added Fiat 46-Hitag2 based remote cloning onto emulator3 with Zed-FULL plus.

    • Emulator1: 1 button Fiat- Doblo, Albea, Punto, Palio(with 48 transponder)
    • Emulator2: 2-3 buttons Fiat-Linea, Bravo, Stilo, Ypsilon(with 48 transponder)
    • Emulator3: 3 buttons flick remote to clone 46 based Fiat remotes

    3- Eeprom and MCU Applications
    Zed-FULL plus currently has 264 different eeprom applications. With eeprom applications, you can get pincode or generate precoded or working transponders for the car. You just need to remove immobox, ECU or BSI from the car and read the correct eeprom or MCU. Without need of computer, Zed-FULL plus will generate the transponder data or the pin code of the car. All the details related with the immobox, BSI, ECU will be shown on Zed-FULL plus screen. Making eeprom applications would not be easier than this way. In addition to this, Zed-FULL plus PC software also allows you to make eeprom applications if you already have binary, hex file of the eeprom & MCU.

    4- OBD Applications
    Zed-FULL plus is designed to extract the pincode automatically from the car through OBD port during key-remote programming procedure. Zed-FULL plus has VAG(Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, Seat), Opel-Vauxhall, Renault-Dacia, Toyota-Lexus, Ford-Mazda(Europa, USA, Australia), Falcon, Fiat-Lancia-Alfa Romeo, Iveco, Daewoo-Chevrolet, Hyundai-Kia, Peugeot-Citroen, Nissan, Proton, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Honda, Isuzu, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, GMC, Cadillac, Buick, Saturn, Oldsmobile, Hummer, Pontiac, Infiniti, GM-Holden, Suzuki, Land Rover-Jaguar, BMW-Mini Cooper, Lincoln, Mercury, Renault-Volvo-DAF Truck(24Volt) key and remote programming functions via OBD-II port on the car. We also have some cables for motorbike and BMW which allow you to program key through immo box sockets, no need to remove any MCU or eeprom from boxes. Zed-FULL plus supports Vespa, Gilera, Piaggio, Peugeot motorbike key programming applications.

    5- Transponder Production
    To program a new key to a car, you should use suitable transponder inside the key. Instead of having all kinds of transponders suitable for all car brands, you can just keep a few types of cheap blank transponders in your stock to convert them into these precoded transponders to program via OBD-II. Zed-FULL plus allows you to produce almost all kind of precoded transponders using those blank transponders like PCF7930, PCF7931, PCF7935, PCF7936, Texas 4D-60 etc... 40 Opel, 41 Nissan, 42 VAG, 44 VAG-Mitsubishi, 45 Peugeot-Citroen transponders can be generated using blank PCF7935 transponders Different types of 33 transponders like Peugeot 33, Nissan 33, VAG 33, Renault 33 can be generated using PCF7930, PCF7931, PCF7935, T5 transponders. 61 Mitsubishi, 62 Mitsubishi, 63 Ford-Mazda, 65 Suzuki, 67 Toyota-Lexus, 68 Toyota-Lexus, 69 Toyota-Lexus, 70 Toyota-Lexus transponders can be generated using blank Texas 4D-60, TPX2 JMA glass or CN2 carbon 4C-4D transponders. 73 Mitsubishi transponders can be generated using blank PCF7930, PCF7931, PCF7935 transponders 46(Hitag-2) based Audi, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Citroen, Isuzu, Peugeot, Hyundai, Hona, Kia, GMC, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Opel, Porsche, Renault, Saab, Volkswagen etc...transponders can be generated using blank PCF7936 transponders. Mercedes E, C, G class master key transponders up to 1999 can be generated with Zed-FULL plus using blank PCF7935 transponders.

    6- Transponder-Remote Recycling
    Most of the remote keys can be used only once and can not be used for another vehicle if it is already programmed to a vehicle. In case of having some used remotes in stock, it would be very beneficial for locksmiths or car key services to be able to use these remote keys again. The only way for that is unlocking the remote key. Sometimes unlocking procedure can be done without replacing anything from the remote key, but sometimes there is no other way than replacing an IC from the remote key PCB board. Zed-FULL plus functions will assist you to unlock these used remotes to make more money with less cost.

    7- PC Software, PC Connections and Updates
    However Zed-FULL plus is designed to be used as a stand alone device without need of computer, it has USB2 port to communicate with computer. When it is plugged to computer via USB2 port, drivers will be installed automatically on Windows 7-8-10 OS.
    Zed-FULL plus PC software is used for these applications;

  • Online transponder cloning applications
  • Online pincode calculation applications
  • Activations for some period of time (Zed-NET also can be used)
  • Synchronisation applications to load new packs to Zed-FULL plus (Zed-NET also can be used)
  • Updating Zed-FULL plus internal boards
  • Eeprom applications
  • Emulator unlocking
  • Loading credits to Zed-FULL plus from credit bank(Zed-NET also can be used)
  • PC software will not work without Zed-FULL plus, and will work limited without internet connection. As soon as you run PC software on a computer with internet connection, it will check the device module board versions and will ask you to update the related boards if any new update exists. Update procedure is so easy to operate and will take about 3-5 minutes for each board inside Zed-FULL plus. Zed-FULL plus has these units to be updated and once you run Zed-FULL plus PC software, it will check our server whether there is a new update or not. Main Board- Updates are mainly related with menus Transponder Board- Updates are mainly related with transponder reading-cloning applications OBD Board- Updates are mainly related with OBD applciations Remote Board- Updates are mainly related with remote cloning applications and Mercedes IR Key programming applications Eeprom Board- Updates are mainly related with eeprom applications SD card- Updates are mainly related with the images, buttons you see on Zed-FULL plus screen. But sometimes it might be related with OBD or eeprom applications applications as well.

    8- Hardware Details
    7inch HD-TFT Touch Screen; With the high resolution and wide screen, you will enjoy using Zed-FULL plus. Wide screen will allow us to show all details of the applications on the screen like remote key to use during remote cloning, recycling and OBD applications, immo box and board pictures during eeprom applications, transponder types during transponder production, transponder cloning applications etc... Zed-FULL plus has just one OBD-II cable for all OBD-II applications. You won' t be lost among many types of cables for OBD-II applications anymore. Steering wheel holder, will help you during OBD applciations on the car. You may easyly insert Zed-FULL plus on steering wheel and operate the device using touch screen to program keys and remotes to the car. Zed-FULL plus is designed to have all functions related with immobiliser in one device. So Zed-FULL plus will meet almost all of your needs for your key-remote programming service. Zed-FULL plus is the unique immobiliser device which supports both 12 and 24 Volt battery installed vehicles. That means trucks also can be programmed with Zed-FULL plus without need of any additional hardware. With Zed-FULL plus Probe cable, you can also check the voltage of car or remote key batteries. Also with same cable you can check the continuity of the wire connections during eeprom applications or any other application you may need to check wire connections.

    9- Extended Applications
    Reading Km, chassis and key informations from original EWS BMW remotes and writing onto an original remote,
    Fiat Panda 46 pin code calculation from key,
    Nissan Almera and Primera 46 pincode calculation from key,
    Renault Symbol-Dacia Duster Continental Box 46 pincode calculation from key,
    Finding pincodes from keys for 33 Renault, 45 Peugeot, Reanult 60-64,
    Hyundai & KIA pincode calculation from VIN number (supports up to 2007),
    Hyundai & KIA pincode calculation from key,
    Pincode calculation from Nissan ICU - SEC- BCM immobiliser box labels ,
    Unlocking Megamos 48 Magic-II tranponders,
    Unlimited customer database on PC software,
    48 Unlockable CAN Bus transponder programming,
    Tranponder catalouge; with help of this catalogue, you can learn which transponder is used for which vehicle on which year,
    Producing fix coded transponders (11, 12, 13, 33 Renault, Texas 4C ) from Eeprom datas,
    Reseting unlocked 4D-60 Texas crypto transponders,
    Reading and identifying 13,56 Mhz hotel door cards and tags.

    10- Purchase ways of Zed-FULL plus
    Istanbul Elektronik Anahtar has a wide distribution network all over the world for Zed-FULL plus sales. It is important for us to give the best technical support and best functionalities for our clients. You may purchase Zed-FULL plus from your local IEA distributors or if you don't have a local supplier in your country you can directly contact to us from or e-mail addresses.
    There are 5 different ways to use Zed-FULL plus applications. For all kinds, first you should purchase a Zed-FULL plus Basic Unit then choose your option to use Zed-FULL plus softwares, Credit system; Pay as you go system. Every single application has a credit cost(standart packs coming with the hardware purchase are excluded).Instead of paying for software in advance, you may purchase credits to use applications. Credit cost for each application varies. Credit system is not available for US & Canada market.
    Buying single software packs or software pack groups; You can buy the most popular applications for your market which will be cheaper than spending credits each time. You may still purchase often used software packs and use rare applications with your credits (both systems can be used in the same device).
    LIFS; Unlimited use for all Zed-FULL plus applications(exceptions may apply ie: remote unlocking and online pin code applications) for certain time of period like 3 months, 6 months or 1 year moreover during subscription period, all software updates will be delivered free of charge.
    Daily LIFS; Unlimited use for all Zed-FULL plus applications(exceptions may apply ie: remote unlocking and online pin code applications) for24 hours. Minimum 5 days of daily LIFS can be purchased each time.
    Group LIFS; Application specific subscription, for example, BMW obd programming group
    LIFS: includes all BMW obd applications. Good when Zed-FULL plus is used for specific applications and/or car brands only.
    Zed-FULL plus standart kit includes these sw packs in it;

  • All transponder reading applications (125Khz, 134,2 Khz, 13,56 Mhz Mifare)
  • All transponder cloning applications (Fixed, 42 Crypto, 44(Unlock) Crypto, 45 Crypto, 4D(40 Bit) Crypto, 46(Hitag2) Crypto, 48(Unlock) Crypto, 8C(TK5561) Crypto)
  • Most of transponder production applications
  • 1-159th eeprom applications (Total 264 different eeprom applications exist currently)
  • Zed-FULL Software
    Zed-FULL plus Pc Software 1.0.13
    Zed-FULL plus Driver
    WinRAR Setup
    Some Required Software
    Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 Setup 32 Bit – 64 Bit
    Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Setup 32 Bit – 64 Bit
    Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Pack – KB2468871 – 32 Bit
    Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Pack – KB2468871 – 64 Bit

    Zed-FULL Accessorries


    Zed-FULL plus Universal transponder emulator C15 cable must be purchased separately.


    Mercedes-Benz Sniffer Additional purchase required.


    Mercedes-Benz Key MCU NEC adapter Additional purchase required. Included in Mercedes-Benz kit.


    Holden Commodore and Pontiac GTO antenna for cloning Included in the standart pack.


    Zed-FULL USB CABLE Included in the standart pack.


    Zed-FULL OBD2 CABLE Included in the standart pack.


    Fiat 48 System Emulator Cable Additional purchase required.


    Required for old system Hyundai-Kia remote programming Included in the standart pack.


    New vag uds cluster blue cable wıth pogo pin-probe Additional purchase required.


    Motorbike cable to program scooters via immobox pins Additional purchase required.


    BMW cable to program Cas boxes via immobox pins Additional purchase required.


    Fuse jumper cable for Vag lost key situations Additional purchase required.


    EEPROM & MCU APPLICATION 10 PIN CONNECTION CABLE Additional purchase required.


    EEPROM & MCU APPLICATION 20 PIN CONNECTION CABLE Additional purchase required.


    This cable is used with Zed-FULL to virginise some Fiat Group ECUs and for some Eeprom & motorbike transponder programming applications


    Remote unlocking cable Additional purchase required.


    DAF TRUCK ROUND OBD2 CABLE Additional purchase required.


    DAF TRUCK POWER CABLE Additional purchase required.


    "ZFH-UTE" / "ZFH-UTE-2" Connection cable. Additional purchase required.


    GATEWAY CONNECTION 2 PINS CABLE (PINK + YELLOW) Additional purchase required.


    It is the cable used to program 2018+ CHRYSLER and RENAULT CLIO 5 vehicles with Zed-FULL plus key programming.


    Fiat System ECU Virginise cable ECU TYPE: 5SF (HW>200) Additional purchase required.


    Fiat System ECU Virginise cable ECU TYPE: 5SF3 (HW300) Additional purchase required.


    Fiat System ECU Virginise cable ECU TYPE: 5NF Additional purchase required.


    Fiat System ECU Virginise cable ECU TYPE: ME73 (313-314) Additional purchase required.


    Fiat System ECU Virginise cable ECU TYPE: ME731 (253-254) Additional purchase required.


    ZFH-MBCA ADAPTER Adapter for Zed-FULL MB applications used with MBC1-2-3-4-5 cables












    Eeprom reader adapter Included in the standart pack.


    This adapter is used to read 64 pins QFP MCUs during related eeprom applications.


    In circuit reading clips for BMW EWS3 boxes Additional purchase required.


    52 pin plcc Motorola Mc68hc11ea9 processor reader adapter Additional purchase required.


    52 pin Motorola 705B processor in circuit reader clips Additional purchase required.


    Motorola 05E6-05P3 processor reader adapter Additional purchase required.


    28 pin SOIC28 Motorola 05E6/05P3 processor reader adapter with socket Additional purchase required.


    64 pin QFP64 Motorola 08AZ/AB-908AS/AZ processor reader adapter with socket Additional purchase required.


    64 pin QFP64 Motorola 08AZ/AB-908AS/AZ processor reader PCB adapter Additional purchase required.


    64 pin QFP64 Motorola 05B/X processor reader adapter Additional purchase required.


    64 pin QFP64 Motorola 05B/X processor reader adapter with socket Additional purchase required.


    52 pin Plcc Motorola MC68HC05B processor reader adapter with socket Additional purchase required.


    Bmw EWS OBD aplication dongle Additional purchase required.


    Required for Holden Commodore(Australia)and Pontiac GTO(USA) OBD programming Additional purchase required.


    BMW (CAS1,CAS2,CAS3,CAS3+) OBD APPLICATION DONGLE Additional purchase required.